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31 Days of Kindness

... to yourself!

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, health professionals are encouraging people of all ages to cultivate kindness - towards themselves.

Doing so not only nurtures your own well-being, but helps to build resilience, facilitate better empathy towards others, and nurture your mental well-being. What's not to like about a little kindness? ☺️

Many resources are available, but here are some simple tools to get started:

31 Days of Kindness Calendar *- a daily mindfulness reminder calendar for adults


31 Days of Kindess-Is-Cool Calendar for Kids Challenge *- for parents (grandparents, guardians, etc) to share with their children.

*Resources courtesy of nearby Atlantic Health.

*****Do you, or someone you know, need immediate help?*****

You are not alone! Contact 988 via phone call or text at any time, 7 days/week,

24 hours/day. For more information, visit: 988 Lifeline.


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