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A Whole Lotta Treats ....

Were purchased and enjoyed!

The CPC Women's Association held its Great Eats & Treats Bake Sale on Saturday, November 4, to coincide with the Pottery Show & Sale.

Potters and show attendees came hungry, as once again, the bake sale sold out of goodies! Over $1,000 was raised. All bake sale proceeds were donated by the Women's Association, with gifts of $350 each going to three local food pantries to help support their outreach to food-insecure families in their communities.

Thank you to the talents and efforts of all of the bakers and chefs who contributed to the Bake Sale inventory, and thanks to all of our customers who made the sale such a success!

Connie Fayen, Kristy Boyce, Diane McCurdy, and Sandy Burdge served hungry Bake Sale patrons on Saturday, Nov. 4, 2023.


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