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As the New Year approaches...

Pastor Marcus Lambright shares his thoughts:

Hello all,

As we approach the end of this year and the beginning of the next, we do so with open hearts to the changes occurring in our lives. Even the thought of a new beginning gives us the emotional, mental, and spiritual space to embrace what is yet to come. The impact a fresh start can have on one's outlook is huge. As we have celebrated the coming of Christ on Christmas, we peer ahead to his announcement to the world on Epiphany (Jan 6). 

The word epiphany means an illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure; we use it to refer to the revelation of Christ--the Anointed One--revealed to the world by way of the magi (Matthew 2). The newborn king would soon shake up the status quo. This news caused people a lot of worry as well as joy. Are there changes coming in the new year that could cause you concern and/or celebration? How might God use these instances to affect the world around you? May we approach the new year in prayer for and with each other.



To reach Pastor Marcus: email or call (908)232-9490.


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