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For you.

Hello all,

My prayer for you this week is for forgiveness. There are many things we hold on to that separate us from God's love. When our wounds are open and our vulnerabilities are public, we may lash out, run away, freeze, or accept our part in harm caused. God offers us grace through Christ. Although, not always is forgiveness about what we request from others. Possibly you may need to forgive someone else; maybe you need to forgive yourself for something. When has forgiveness been needed in your life recently? We see in Scripture the transforming effect of forgiveness when it seemed unlikely, like with the estranged brothers Jacob and Esau (Genesis 33).

This week for our Lenten bible study, we're looking at Psalm 23; a very familiar psalm for many people. We hope to see you after worship this Sunday to look into how this psalm can help us focus on God in this season.



Rev. Marcus C. Lambright

Pastor at Community Presbyterian Church

Want to talk? Reach out!


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