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God's Love


Happy Eastertide!

Did you know that Easter is a whole season in the church calendar? It starts on Easter Sunday and actually lasts for 50 days! We know this is an important (arguably the most important) day in the Christian calendar, but why? And does it really impact our lives in concrete ways day-to-day?

A risen Christ is at the center of our faith. Because Christ is alive, we know that God is truly 100% all-in for us. We also know more about the depth of God’s love for us and have a better understanding of what (who) love is. We also know that God’s mercies are new every morning and that God’s grace is always ours.

Here’s what that means for me… When I lose my patience with my kid or my partner, when I feel like a failure because the house is a disaster, when I get angry and lash out, or when I feel overwhelmed and exhausted from working full-time and parenting, I can always come back to those truths. Of course it doesn’t happen in the moment. We’re all human here. But those truths about God’s love, grace, and forgiveness that show up in their fullness in the Easter story are there just waiting for us to accept them.

Because of God’s love, we can love ourselves and our families. Because of God’s grace and patience with us, we can have grace and patience for ourselves and our families. Because of God’s forgiveness, we can forgive ourselves and our family members. Let’s rest and breathe and soak in those Easter tidings.

In Christ,

Kelsey Lambright

Facilitator of Family Faith Formation at CPC

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