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He has Risen!

Hello all,

Christ is risen! The good news of Jesus's resurrection overflows from the hearts of many who love and follow him. The Lenten season has ended and the Easter season has begun. During this time in our church calendar, Jesus embarked on his road tour appearing before, blessing, forgiving, and encouraging many people prior to the day of Pentecost--when we received the Holy Spirit. Even though Christ continues to touch so many lives, we have our doubts. The questions and concerns that hold joy back, yet these thoughts are worth exploring further. Jesus never shied away from a challenge to his authenticity but he didn't lose heart because of those who simply refused to believe. People may refuse truths in their lives, regardless of evidence (diagnoses, changes of relationship, etc.). There's only so much we can do about that. What we can do is love, serve, and fight for the righteousness that God provides through our risen Lord. May we live in the world as witnesses to the resurrection.



Rev. Marcus C. Lambright


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