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How do you feel?

Hello all,

We enter this Holy Week with many things on our hearts. The joy of spring weather and visiting family members. The stress of midterms and (hopefully) the relief of getting past them. The pain of losing a loved one and their absence during this time of connection. Lent comes to a close on the week Jesus serves his friends, is betrayed, arrested, tried, abandoned, mocked, crucified, and dies. Hope is possibly the least of all things we think of having at this time. The Lord's Supper--an ordinary meal made sacred by God--is one of the last visions for hope we are given before Christ died. When Peter lashes out in anger with violence, Jesus tells him to stop. In his loneliest moments, Jesus prayed to God for strength in the garden of Gethsemene. 

In the worst of times, Christ has called us to care for each other. To follow the example that he set. Yet his death still stings. With our weeks running from Sunday to Saturday, Holy Week seems to end in defeat. Have we given ourselves time to grieve for those we've lost? Who is one person you can reach out to who is in a dark place right now? May the Holy Spirit comfort and guide us all.



Rev. Marcus C. Lambright


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