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Prayer... need some pointers?

For thousands of years, people have included the practice of prayer into their lives. Early Christians adopted and adapted Jewish rhythms of prayer to reflect the dying and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Even today, the act of prayer often reflects those earlier traditions, and it continues to shape the lives of believers as they seek to be faithful disciples.

For those who attend worship, prayers are often incorporated into the service, so attendees are provided with what is needed right there.

What about at home? and what if you are part of a busy household? How does a modern family incorporate prayer into the rhythm of its daily routine?

There is no one "right" answer. (So, no need to worry!)

There are all sorts of guidelines available, but we found a resource offering a variety of suggestions for anyone - including households with children. It is based on the centuries-old daily traditions, but adapted for contempory times. What we love the most is that it encourages creativity and flexibility!

Click here for Simple Practices of Prayer at Home, written by David Gambrell from the Presbyterian Mission Agency.

Have questions about incorporating faith or spiritual practices into your household? Feel free to reach out to us!


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