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Resources for the faith journey...

Are you a parent seeking ways to incorporate faith into every day family life? We have some resources!

Let's start with Liturgy.

Liturgy is a word that might not be in our everyday vocabulary. A liturgy is simply a form of public worship. It could be a prayer, aspects of a sacrament (baptism or communion), or the shape of our worship service on Sunday mornings. We engage in liturgies all around us, whether in the church or the shopping mall, as we encounter things that shape what we worship and how we worship. (For more on “secular liturgies” like the mall, I’d highly recommend reading You Are What You Love: The Spiritual Power of Habit by James Smith).

Kayla Craig has provided some fantastic resources for parents, particularly liturgies that can be practiced and prayed at home. She is active on Instagram (@liturgiesforparents), has a weekly podcast, and has written two books. You’ll see that I use her prayers in these emails. If you’re on Instagram or if you listen to podcasts, you may want to check her out! (I can’t endorse everything she does, simply because I haven’t explored it all myself, but I have personally benefitted from her books and from some of her Instagram posts.)

Liturgies for Parents: Kayla regularly posts short prayers on her Instagram (@liturgiesforparents), and she does regular, short podcast episodes available on any podcast player (Liturgies for Parents). Here’s the podcast description:

“In a weary world, Liturgies for Parents offers a nuanced and nurturing moment of reprieve, inviting all who are raising kids to breathe and remember that God is with you. Liturgies for Parents will leave you feeling a bit more centered and rooted in God's big love for you, your family, and your neighbors, too.”

To Light Their Way: This wonderful book is a collection of prayers and liturgies for parents. To Light Their Way is categorized in a really helpful way and includes prayers for every little moment, such as the first day of school, a stressful morning, or when your child sees something scary on the news. I have turned to it regularly, and I enjoy using the breath prayers in my yoga practice!

Every Season Sacred: This is Kayla’s newest book, and it guides families through a weekly practice to build rhythms of family faith formation. Each entry in Every Season Sacred includes a reflection, scripture passage, prayers, and prompts for family discussion. This would be particularly wonderful for families with elementary school-aged kids or older. The hope is that families will gather together and work through these pages in every season, including Lent.

Have any questions? Please reach out!


Family Faith Formation Facilitator at CPC


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