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The Struggle.

How do we learn to adapt? To improve ourselves and the world around us? Often, because we are forced to!

Some food for thought on the topic, courtesy of Ralph Marston:

Value of struggle

Would you be interested in playing a game if you knew in advance you could not lose? Maybe you’d like it for a little while, but it would very soon become boring and unfulfilling.

Do you really want a life that’s all pleasure and comfort and no challenge or struggle? Could you tolerate even a few days of such an existence?

What makes life such a good thing is the fact that it’s not a sure thing. What makes life difficult is also what enables life to have meaning.

A rock never has to struggle to be a rock. But it never experiences any fulfillment either.

Courage, persistence, resilience, and innovation are all buttressed by an appreciation for the value of struggle. Though struggle is not pleasant, it is often necessary and almost always enriching.

You can do what you must when you must. And though it won’t be easy, it’s by far your most rewarding choice.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator, June 30, 2024

Interested in more from Ralph? Check out his website!


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