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Where did God come from?

“Who created God? Where did God come from?”

- A Curious Kid

Dear Curious Kid,

What a great question! The Bible tells us that God has always been around. That means that no one created God, since God always existed since forever! It’s so hard to think of something that has always been there, since we see so much change. We see new babies and baby animals and new plants grow. We make art and crafts and other things with our hands. But no one made God.

The Bible tells us this, but it also makes sense, if you think about it. If someone or something made God, that would make that other person or thing better than or smarter than or first before God. But nothing and no one is better than or smarter than or first before God. We say that God is good (the best!) and God knows everything and God is first. We can say those things because God has always been around.

The best part is that God has always been around and God will always be around. No matter how long we live or where we travel to, God will be with us.


Are your kids asking great questions about faith? I want to help equip you to answer those questions! If your kid asks a good one, and if you feel a little bit out of your element trying to respond, please send it to me here: Questions from Kids. I will do my best to respond in a way kids can understand. My hope is not to give you the answers, but that YOU will feel confident in your ability to answer these tough questions when they come up.

*Dr. Kelsey Lambright is CPC's Family Faith Facilitator. Have parenting and faith questions? Reach out:


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