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“Why does God have so many houses?”

A curious kid asked me: “Why does God have so many houses?”

Dear Curious Kid,

What a great question. Where do you think God lives? That’s right! God lives in churches and in our hearts and in heaven and everywhere you see other people. God is really everywhere. There’s nowhere that we can go where God isn’t there too.

God lives in all of those places, but maybe you’re wondering why there are so many church buildings. I’m going to give you two reasons, one is good and one is not so good.

The first, good reason that God has so many houses is because people all over the world love God and made places all over the world to share that love. So there are lots of church buildings because that’s a place we can all come together to talk, sing, hear the Bible, and learn about God… all over the world!

The second, not so good reason is because people try to make their own churches that match how they want to love God. This means that one church became lots of little churches over time. We are all connected together because we believe in Jesus, but we aren’t all together like God wanted us to be.


Family Faith Formation Facilitator at CPC

Are your kids asking great questions about faith? I want to help equip you to answer those questions! If your kid asks a good one, and if you feel a little bit out of your element trying to respond, please send it to me here: Questions from Kids. I will do my best to respond in a way kids can understand. My hope is not to give you the answers, but that YOU will feel confident in your ability to answer these tough questions when they come up.


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